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When I first came in to see Dr Simon I was addicted to prescription pain medication and really felt my life was in need of a serious change Dr Simon is really nice and understanding and made me feel really......
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Vivitrol Licensed Provider Vivitrol Licensed Provider

Fees & Payments

Dr. Simon is an out-of-network provider, which means that as a courtesy we submit your insurance to our 3rd party billing company and they do the best they can for you and evaluate the benefits.

However, there may not be reimbursements based upon deductible. Dr. Simon has chosen this route in order to be able to tailor treatment to each patient's needs, rather than by what insurance dictates.

Since Dr. Simon is considered an "out of network" provider. Unlike many fee for service providers, our office extends the courtesy of completing and sending all insurance reimbursement forms.

Most patients are then reimbursed by their insurance company directly if they meet their out of network/ out of pocket deductible. The amount of reimbursement depends on each person's individual insurance plan.

Moreover, when a patient pays with their own money, they tend to participate more, attend all appointments, and have a greater sense of ownership about making changes in their life, as opposed to the mindset of simply showing up for a pill or a prescription. While this may not pertain to all, it seems to be much more the rule than the exception.

Payment is due prior to services, at the time of each visit. We take cash, Visa or Master-card for your convenience.